Year of The Green Web

2017 is the year of security as Google and Mozilla slap warnings on non-HTTPS websites!


This latest announcement involves all website owners across the web. If you are a client of Lookwhoo’s services or soon looking to become one, you can be assured Lookwhoo is taking the appropriate steps when it comes to your website’s overall function and security.

Google and Mozilla have begun rolling out new measures to heighten the security of websites across the web globally. These new measures are in effort to warn users who are sending sensitive data from HTTP.

If you have recently updated your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, you may have started noticing when visiting other websites, some HTTP connections are unsecure as they continue the industry-wide push to promote an encrypted HTTPS world-wide web. It is believed that other browser developers will follow suit later within the year.

Starting with the latest version of Chrome 56 and Firefox 51, users will be warned if they’re submitting sensitive information over HTTP, which is seen as an unsecured connection, rather than the safer HTTPS connection.

In addition to this latest news, aside from warning users about potential security risks, Google has announced that it will begin favoring websites that support HTTPS by giving ranking boosts to those websites that comply. Websites that do not comply, risk being penalized in search engine ranks.

Get secure with Lookwhoo!

Lookwhoo has over a decade of knowledge and experience when it comes to securing websites for e-commerce and with this latest announcement, is moving to secure all standard websites as well.

Clients who are hosted on Lookwhoo’s servers and do not have an SSL setup, can expect to begin seeing this switchover take place over the next couple of weeks. Any Lookwhoo clients who are hosted on their own servers, will be contacted before any HTTPS switchover begins.

Those who already own a SSL secure certificate and have HTTPS enabled for e-commerce, will have their website fully switched to HTTPS in the coming weeks. A notice will go out to website owners before and after each website has been switched.

For those clients who are hosted elsewhere and your host does not easily support HTTPS, you will have the option to switch over to Lookwhoo’s secure hosting platform if you choose. All websites hosted on Lookwhoo’s servers receive complimentary SSL certificates which enable you to function stress-free as your website remains HTTPS encrypted.

If you are on Lookwhoo’s servers and have already purchased an SSL and your website is running on an e-commerce platform, it is up to you to continue with your issued certificate, or to switch to the complimentary SSL setup. Some larger and more complex e-commerce websites that process sensitive customer data may be advised to continue running their issued certificates.

Worry-free to you

All Lookwhoo website owners will begin to receive alerts on a case by case basis as this switchover begins to roll forward. Please allow time for every website to be processed. Larger websites may need to be scheduled during off-peak hours for testing before any secure switchover is deployed. There will be no down time during any switchover as your site is setup for HTTPS.

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